When my Mum arrived to the sophisticated peninsula of Cape Cod in Massachusetts it reminded her of: Quequén (?!#) a little village located 500 km south of the city of Buenos Aires. While Cape Cod is known for being the Kennedy’s family getaway spot, Quequén, which has less than 10,000,000 inhabitants, is mostly the home of truck drivers and farm workers. Knowing my Mum, she only has eyes for the sea. So I guess the resemblance laid in its wild weather and on its seashore vegetation …after all both spots do have the Atlantic Ocean in common!

We all know Argentina has a beautiful and vast variety of landscapes, but it does not stand out for its beaches. Yet that doesn’t mean there are no beaches and at the end of the day they are far more accessible than our neighbors’ in Uruguay. So before you even start looking at the map, do look at the weather forecast and prepare for bathing in the sea rather than savoring a delicious lobster with an ocean view.

Quequén is only 100km south of the big and touristic city of Mar del Plata and belongs to the county of Necochea. My brothers and sisters learned how to surf there when they were young and they continue going today. Close to Quequén, around 15 km away, is Cuevas del Tigre another good surfing spot. So if you like surfing, wind-surfing in the sea or are a simple beach-olic, check the weather forecast and regardless of what it says pack some warm clothes.

Below are 3 spots to stay in Quequén:

QUEQUÉN LODGE @ http://quequenlodge.com.ar/

Hostel-type rooms with an option of a private suite for a couple as well. You can ask for surfing lessons or renting equipment. Walking distance to the beach. Strictly for surfers, do not expect any luxury.


Even though La Alcira is in front of the sea it is harder to get to the beach as you may need to walk a little bit more. That said, it is not a long walk but it will depend on the tide and sea level. Simple and hostel-style rooms as well, but as it gets less crowded it might be a better option for groups, as you can barbecue or cook. Again, strictly for surfers, do not expect any luxury!

RENT AN APARTMENT @ Edificio Pinocho Quequén

A pricier option but by far the nicest. For seeing pictures of what the rooms look like, pricing and availability you can search with the above keywords on booking or Airbnb. The apartments are fairly new and clean. The location is great.


Don’t have high expectations, as food is rather simple and even though it is close to the sea there are not many spots to have fresh fish, it is still mostly meat. Here are 3 spots I would recommend:

HELADOS TIROL @ Diagonal San Martín 1269, B7630 Necochea

An ice cream shop you cannot miss.

PEPERONCINO RISTORANTE @ Calle 61 N0 2280, Necochea

Italian style with great pastas, it is probably a good idea to make a reservation before going.

CANTINA CENTRO VASCO @ Av. 58 Esq. 65, Necochea

A good old classic spanish style food restaurant from the Basque country, it is also a good idea to make a reservation before going.

Or, ask locals for a good parilla as you can never go wrong on meat…