Daybreaker Buenos Aires

Daybreaker is a morning dance party. An experience designed to enlighten each one of your senses; a true celebration to happiness and healthy lifestyle. You can dress up, paint your face with glitter or write your wish and stick it on the wall.

It is a rave that starts at dawn. It is going out partying before working. It is switching the ‘coffee and doughnuts’ with raw cashew milk and granola bars (and of course, no booze is allowed). It is changing the inquisitive bouncer’s look with a welcoming hug. The pre-party? A yoga class that kicks off at 6 am.

This movement started in Brooklyn, New York back in 2013 and spread throughout other cities of the world. In November 2017 it launched in Latin America for the first time, specifically in Buenos Aires, at WeWork.

I went there with my Mum, expecting a dance class (¿[email protected]?) and even though we didn’t surrender completely to the experience, we did like the message that lies beneath it: partying without alcohol, first thing in the morning. Completely the opposite of what we are used to in Buenos Aires!

My Mum and I, found it a lovely idea to take a teenage daughter or son, a gloomy friend who needs some cheering up or a group of friends who really miss the party-scene.

Sign-up at: and get notified about the next event. At the moment, in Buenos Aires it is being held every two months.