Eat Healthy in Buenos Aires

JULIANA LÓPEZ MAY @ Quintana & Montevideo, Recoleta

Watch and taste the mouth-watering recipes of a well-known Argentinean chef at a magical ‘petit-hotel’ in the heart of Recoleta or at her trendy kitchen-atelier in Tigre. Take a friend, a relative or go by yourself. The class costs around $50 USD and lasts about 2 hours and 30 minutes. You will walk away with a complimentary bottle of wine!


VINCIANE SMEETS @ Ayacucho & Las Heras, Recoleta

Participate in the cooking class of a Belgium-Argentinean chef in a far more intimate environment. Get tips for your recipes, as everything you cook will be every-day dishes with a twist of flavor. Each class lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes. You can go to a one-time class and learn a Belgian recipe or sign up for a four-class atelier of soups and quiches. You will meet interesting and chatty people and if the weather allows it, you will be able to enjoy your meal at a magical terrace. Plus, you get to take home the yummy leftovers!